16-19 May 2019 Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

KPMG Insights

Venue: KPMG Insights Centre
Thursday 16/5 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Tackling the big issues and issues that affect your day to day business:

  • ranging from regulatory compliance
  • our environmental impact
  • industry image
  • safety innovations
  • case studies on innovation
  • manufacturing success stories
  • taking career steps towards management
  • financial literacy

Product Seminars

The heavy vehicle industry has always had a culture of innovation that is only increasing in the age of computer aided industrial design, 3D printing and advanced manufacturing. Exhibitors enjoy the unmatchable audience of qualified purchasers ready to take advantage of opportunities for productivity gains.

Financial Literacy Seminars

One of the biggest stresses at the workplace actually happens at home. Getting things under control with savings, bills, credit cards and other debts, can save jobs, families and build futures.

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