13-16 May 2021 Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Pallet control: it’s about the paperwork not the pallets

Pallet Control
Venue: KPMG Insights Centre
Friday 17/5 1:40 pm - 2:10 pm
Event Type: Better business presentation, Seminar/keynote presentation

Have you asked yourself these questions?

“I just need to understand where the pallets are going”

“Why are we paying for pallets we don’t have?”

”I’m being told we have a handle on it but do we? The cost of the invoice keeps going up!”

Understanding the Invoice is your pallet control.   This is the key component to knowing what you are paying for, and where the pallets are going.  Once you have nailed this, you are on your way to efficiently managing your pallet control.  The information you need is all on your invoice.

Attending this seminar will explain:

  • What is involved in understanding the Invoice?
  • Understanding the terminology and meaning:
    • Equipment Codes
    • Delay Days
    • E.D.O on your Invoice?

Presented by experienced industry pallet management specialist Frances Wren from Pro Pallet, this session will save you lots of headaches (and money) in the pallet management area of your business

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