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5 Ways to Reduce Tare Weight and Increase Your Profits

Published: May 8, 2019
Findlay Import & Trade

If you’re a mass carrier and paid by payload, then every kilo of tare weight you shed may well add an extra KG to your payload.

The sweet part is it doesn’t cost a cent to carry that extra payload – no extra fuel, no extra tyre costs and no extra registration fees.

It goes straight to your bottom line, to added profit!  

Now let’s see how easy it is…here are 5 ways you can effectively reduce your tare weight.

1. Have a no-holds-barred look at your operations.

Ask yourself the following questions– what do you really need to do your job optimally? How strong and/or flexible do you really need to build your gear, bearing in mind the weight you carry, the road conditions you have to live with and so on?

2. Consult with your truck and trailer suppliers to spec your gear carefully.

Try to avoid over-speccing, which adds tare weight and costs money. Design your gear strong enough to do the job but keep in mind the additional weight each spec might add.

Carefully consider the size and type of wheels and tyres for your new gear. There’s much to consider – tare weight, fuel consumption, availability and ease of replacement. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by our stand at the 2019 Brisbane Truck to further discuss. 

3. Narrow down your equipment list.

What equipment you really need to carry? Do you really need to carry 4 spares, or two, or none at all? Do you need all those extra racks, tool boxes and so forth?

4. Remember one of the Golden Rules: You make your money the day you buy your equipment, not the day you sell it. 

Do your best to spec equipment that will be highly saleable when you’re ready to turn it over.

5. Specify the optimum, premium BTE light-weight wheels from Findlays.

Come visit us at Stand 204 at the Brisbane Truck Show May 16th-19th. Hey, grab your trailer builder and bring them the along too. On display will be a wide range of quality BTE wheels, including our new light-weight ranges weighing just 18.5 to 19.5 KG. Our Asia Pacific Manager from BTE, David, will be on the stand to assist with all your questions and options, so come and see us. 

And breathe new life into your bottom line. 

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