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AIR CTI Can Help You Reduce Costs

Published: February 1, 2019

When using the correct tyre pressure taking into consideration the load, speed and road conditions, you can save up to 30% on tyre life, reduce tyre drag, blowouts and punctures. Recommended pressures are shown in the load/pressure tables of your tyre manufacturer’s technical data book. Using the correct pressure is essential to the safe running of the tyre.

By optimizing tyre pressure, a full and correct footprint or contact patch is formed, improving traction, truck control and safety. Off-road, optimal tyre pressure is 60% of the optimum highway pressure for normal gravel road speeds. By using the ideal tyre pressure in these conditions you can eliminate all uneven tyre wear including cuts, scalloping and diagonal wear. In severe road conditions, very low tyre pressure can increase traction and result in doubling the drawbar pull.

A truck when loaded can easily be double its weight. When doubling the load, it is important to remember to double your tyre pressure. When halving the load, you should also halve your tyre pressure. Remembering these tips to achieve the correct tyre pressure can help to optimize the life of the tyre. This reduces wear and tear on the truck, the load, and the driver.

A key tyre concern is under inflation that can result in the tyre running at abnormally high temperatures, leading to thermal degradation and rapid deflation of the tyre. This is especially prevalent when running duals, as the tyres can run at different pressures leading to excessive wear.

Over-inflation can also prove to be detrimental, as 20% over-inflated tyre wears 22% faster.  An overpressure tyre gets three times as much impact damage and punctures resulting in 90% more irregular wear patterns.

AIR CTI is the ultimate tyre pressure management system. It can help you maintain the correct tyre pressure in all conditions, meaning less wear and tear on the truck, the drive train and the load. Less wear can make your daily operations more cost-effective and result in significant savings. AIR CTI experts, Andrew Kee and Chet Cline, will be at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show (Foyer Stand 027) to provide advice and information regarding common tyre pressure issues. Stop by for a chat and find out how AIR CTI can help you reduce wear and save money. Can’t wait until the show? Give Andrew a call on 0437 517 423, or Chet on 0427 110 203.

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