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AIR CTI Helping to Control All Condition Tyre Pressure

Published: February 22, 2019

AIR CTI is the ultimate tyre pressure management system that allows you to adjust your pressures from the cabin on the run. It is designed and manufactured in Australia to suit all Australian conditions, from steep sandy tracks, to rocky or muddy terrain and bitumen. For times when you run one way loaded and back empty, AIR CTI can help you achieve the best traction and control for your tyres by giving you the best tyre footprint for the job.


The ideal tyre pressure to optimise tyre handling and tyre life varies depending on your load. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure for the load and the road will mean better traction, control and braking, less wheel slip and less axles tramp. AIR CTI helps you achieve ideal tyre pressure, resulting in longer tyre life, less truck maintenance, greater driver control, and less road damage.

With the ultimate tyre pressure management system, business savings are achieved through better job scheduling, reduced maintenance costs and fuel costs, reduced downtime due to fewer tyre blowouts and roadside tyre changes, and overall reduced stress on the driver and the truck.

With whole body vibration being a major cause of driver fatigue and down time, AIR CTI helps to lessen driver stress by significantly reducing road vibrations. With AIR CTI, drivers not only have better control of their rig, but also are safer and less stressed.

Find the Best Tyre Pressure Management System for Your Trucks

What pressures do you currently run?  Come down to the AIR CTI stand to discover the best tyre pressure management system to suit your trucks. The team from AIR CTI will be on hand to help you figure out the ideal tyre pressure for your vehicles and find the best tyre pressure management solutions to suit your needs.

Can’t wait until the show? Call Andrew Kee at 0437 517 423 or email andrew@aircti.com for more information or a quote.

Systems are custom made for Road Trains and Trailers to Motorhomes and buses, for Owner Drivers and Fleets.  When transport is your business. AIR CTI can help you Work Smarter – Not Harder.


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