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AIR CTI Protects Drivers, Trucks and Roads

Published: February 16, 2019

With the correct tyre footprint, you obtain the best traction and control for your truck. Inflating and deflating the tyre can help you achieve the optimal tyre footprint for the load and the road. You can find the recommended tyre pressures for various loads in the technical data manuals provided by your tyre manufacturer.

With AIR CTI you can inflate and deflate your tyres from the cabin on the run so that you can maintain the correct tyre pressure in all conditions. The benefits of this include better scheduling of the jobs and almost no more side of the road tyre changes. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure means better truck control and braking over different road conditions, making the journey safer and less stressful for the driver and the truck. This has been proven in the outback on road trains and trailers.

AIR CTI, when used correctly give the best traction for sandy, rocky, muddy and slippery conditions, and even works for you in the bulldust of the outback. AIR CTI is especially good for hilly inclines where traction is a must for all transportation. The footprint matched to the load and the terrain will optimise traction and tyre life, saving hours and sometimes days if you are in the outback.

AIR CTI is the best aftermarket tool for safety, reliability, and job scheduling. AIR CTI can help you get to your delivery on time without stopping for tyre issues. This means less stress and fatigue for the driver, which translates to better concentration when they need it most. When running on a tight schedule, AIR CTI can help you carry the load.

AIR CTI also benefits road owners by protecting the road from corrugations and rutting. By using the correct tyre footprint for the load, you can help to iron out existing corrugations and rutting.

Visit Foyer Stand 027 at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show to find out more about the benefits of AIR CTI. If you are looking to learn more prior to the event contact Andrew Kee on 0437 517 423 or check out the website at aircti.com

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