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Better Engine Venting with Ryco

Published: February 20, 2019
Ryco Filters

Engines need to breathe. Internal combustion engines employ a factory crankcase breather, known as a PCV valve to relieve pressure inside the engine by venting back into an engine air intake system. These crankcase gases contain several components such as oil, water and soot. Over time, this can contaminate the engine’s air intake system. Without periodic cleaning of the chemical sludge, the engine will suffer from power loss and increased fuel consumption.

Ryco’s RCC350 Crankcase Ventilation System is a great preventative solution to this common problem and ultimately makes engine breathing cleaner. In line with Ryco’s signature dedication to quality and technical innovation, the RCC350 was designed and tested by the Ryco engineering team at Ryco’s specialised laboratory in Melbourne. Like all Ryco products, the RCC350 Crankcase Ventilation System exceeds Ryco’s own extremely high specifications.   

Ryco’s crankcase filters are designed to filter oil droplets down to less than 1mm. When fitted with the RCC150F filter it achieves an impressive 96.73% efficiency. The RCC350 Crankcase Ventilation System has been thoroughly tested to ISO17536-2:2017 utilizing the Ryco lab’s specialised crankcase filter efficiency test rig. The advanced RCC350 design carefully controls crankcase airflow to allow correct engine PCV operation at all times.  

The RCC350 has a 40,000km service interval and is fitted with easy to use drain tap to check and empty any oil build-up. It also comes with a quick release universal mounting bracket system to simplify installation.

Available for a wide range of vehicles, the RCC350 Crankcase Ventilation System is a valuable addition to protect and enhance your vehicle’s reliability, performance and fuel consumption. Ryco Filters will be at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show to showcase their world-class range of products. Stop by the Ryco stand to find out more about the RCC350 Crankcase Ventilation System. Your engine will thank you!


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