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Brave the Bush with Ryco

Published: February 20, 2019

Dust, dirt, foreign objects and water are the enemies of 4WDs. With harsh driving conditions part and parcel of a 4WD’s natural environment, keeping these elements separated from vital engine areas, lubrication areas and cabin areas is vital.

With over 80 years of expertise in producing high-quality filters, you can trust Ryco to protect 4WDs in harsh conditions where reliability and performance is paramount.

With 4WDs often requiring more frequent servicing due to harsh driving conditions, Ryco’s 4WD Service Kits were a natural way to simplify servicing requirements for workshops and end consumers alike. Ryco has taken all the hard work out of the process, eliminating the need to find and purchase individual filtration part numbers.

From servicing your everyday 4WD, through to a farm special or a fleet, Ryco 4WD Service Kits contain all of the elements required for servicing these vehicles. The kits include a combination of air filter, oil filter, fuel filter and cabin filter, depending on the type of vehicle.

Adding a further layer of durability to selected 4WD Service Kits, Ryco FireGuardian is a new feature on Ryco air filters that add flame retardant media, significantly reducing the risk of an air filter fire. These air filter options are perfectly suited to emergency service vehicles and any vehicle regularly travelling within fire-prone regions.

With a large percentage of 4WDs and commercial vehicles being diesel powered and increasingly fitted with common rail injection systems, it is more important than ever to protect vehicles against water. Ryco’s effective solution is our pre-filter fuel/water separators.

Designed to filter water from the fuel system before ingestion into the engine, Ryco’s pre-filter fuel/water separators become the first line of defence in filtering water and particulates from the diesel fuel before it reaches the factory fuel filters. The additional filtration also protects common rail diesel injectors from becoming blocked or damaged.

Ryco filters can be confidently used without affecting new vehicle warranties* and are the perfect choice for old and new 4WDs alike.

When it comes to the off-road world, trust Ryco to get you across that river, up those mountains and through the desert and mud, for miles to come.   

Visit the Ryco stand at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show to find out more about Ryco’s 4WD Service Kits and pre-filter fuel/water separators.

* Conditions apply. Visit the New Vehicle Servicing section of the Ryco website for full details.


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