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Byrne Stainless Steel Livestock Trailers

Published: March 13, 2019
Byrne Trailers

The Brisbane Truck Show marks the threeyear anniversary of significant revolutionary development in the design and manufacturing of livestock trailers. For many years, livestock effluent and harsh operational environments have caused huge corrosion and rust problems in livestock trailers. This resulted in the need for regular maintenance and expensive rebuilds throughout the life of the trailers, elevating the costs needed to run an efficient livestock transport business.

To solve the corrosion problem, Byrne Trailers designed and produced the first Australian manufactured monocoque Livestock Trailer using STAINLESS STEEL.

The Byrne Stainless Story

Byrne Trailers CEO, David Byrne, first joined the company almost 30 years ago. Upon entering the family business, David Byrne was inspired by his years of working in the steel industry to work with BHP stainless to initiate the first trial of a new ferritic stainless steel in livestock trailer floors in as early as 1990.

Following a successful trial, Byrne Trailers began offering stainless steel floors within livestock trailers, as these were the first areas to rust. They found the product to be stronger, more durable and extremely corrosion resistant. However, they found that adjoining areas of the carbon steel trailer frames still continued to rust.

In 2014, they made the commitment to design the complete superstructure with stainless steel, including all moving parts, gates, panels, ramps and latches. Byrne trailers have been offering full Stainless Steel Livestock Trailers since early 2016, revolutionising the economics of livestock trailer operation.

David Byrne assures that “This stainless steel alloy is as strong and ductile as the carbon steel that had been the norm throughout the industry for decades and is 250 times more corrosion resistant. That means it rusts 250 times slower. It will take 10 years to corrode as much as carbon steel does in one month.”

Byrne Trailers has been at forefront of development for over four decades. From the monocoque livestock trailer to the Stainless Steel Livestock Trailer, their innovations have made significant contributions to the livestock transport industry. This has been especially apparent over the past three years, which have seen their stainless steel trailers perform spectacularly amidst Australia’s most arduous conditions.  

Byrne Trailers will be displaying their Stainless Steel Livestock Trailers at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show. Come by the Byrne Trailers Stand in Hall 1 – Stand 31 to discover the benefits of a stainless steel trailer.  

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