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Centramatic Balances the Bottom Line

Published: March 6, 2019

At this year’s Brisbane Truck Show, find out how your trucks/trailers can benefit from Centramatic Australia’s Total Vehicle Automatic Wheel Balancing. Total Vehicle Automatic Wheel Balancing has the potential to increase tyre life by an average of 35-50% and 100% in some instances and can save 1-3% in fuel savings, helping improve bottom line costs.

The balancers can be mounted on to the wheels either under the rim, outside as a dress rim, or in between the wheels on dual applications and continuously balance the tyre/wheel assembly while you drive. They work by utilising centrifugal force and deflection to automatically distribute moveable weights (not mercury) precisely where needed. The result is lowered tyre temperatures, which dramatically improves tyre life, reduces tyre cupping, lowers fuel consumption, extends suspension life and reduces driver fatigue and vibration.

Design, Capability, Product Knowledge

Centramatic Australia’s balancers have a high balancing capacity, well above the average required for trailer duals and 9” offset and super single steer rims. With over four times the counteraction of the ‘one size fits all’ low capacity mercury products, Centramatic also tests fit their products to prove that they suit all the applications intended.

Centramatic Australia has a large range of products to cater to a variety of specifications from motorcycles, 15”, 17.5” floats/low loaders, to 19.5”- 24” rim sizes in single or dual applications, covering most stud patterns. With 70 years of combined experience in the wheel alignment industry specialising in research and development, Centramatic has been distributing balancers across Australia for over 20 years.

Associated Products

Centramatic’s Wheel Centreing Sleeves allow for the accurate mounting of the wheel, eliminating rim to hub clearance issues and avoiding rim to hub/stud contact. This prevents alloy swarf on the wheel stud threads, which can compromise wheel nut torque. Centramatic also offers a rotating wheel stud cleaning brush that makes stud cleaning easier and Tyre tru-ing machines to correct the ‘out of round’ or fitment and tread irregularities of tyres.

Alignment Equipment

Manufactured since the 1980’s, Centramatic’s ‘Truck Laser Line’ portable/workshop truck alignment equipment features non-computerised cordless lasers and bubble/digital gauge. They can help to precisely measure wheel alignment settings of steer, drive and trailer axles. Their reliable, robust and user-friendly calibration has seen their popularity grow, with hundreds of machines being used across 32 countries.

Additionally, Centramatic offers a Mechanical Toe Gauge so that owners, operators and workshop can cheaply and accurately set the toe setting on front axles after changing tie rod ends or during regular maintenance.

Discover Centramatic Australia’s Automatic Wheel Balance Rings

Centramatic Australia would like to invite truck operators to see a hands-on demonstration of their Automatic Wheel Balance Rings at the Brisbane truck show on stand 305 Plaza level. Their friendly team of experts will also be at the stand to talk you through Centramatic’s entire product range and answer any questions.

For more information, give Centramatic a call today on 1300 822 765 or email info@centramatic.com.au for a brochure.

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