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Cummins to Showcase its Past and Future

Published: March 5, 2019

Celebrating its 100th year as a company in 2019, Cummins will showcase a range of legacy and future engines at the Brisbane Truck Show.

“This will be one of the most impressive collections of Cummins engines ever displayed in Australia, ranging from a 3 hp, single-cylinder 1922 unit to our 600 hp X15 coupled to the all-new 12-speed Endurant automated transmission,” says Mike Fowler, Cummins South Pacific’s director of engine business.

A Glimpse into the Future

The two X15 engines and one X12 at the Brisbane show will be Euro 6 versions which are expected to become available in Australia and New Zealand in 2020. Both the 12-litre and 15-litre Cummins platforms are EGR-free for Euro 6, using SCR/AdBlue technology along with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) for compliance.

The X12, rated at 500 hp and 1700 lb ft of torque, achieves the highest power to weight ratio of any engine in the 10-to-16-litre class and will soon become available in a truck chassis in Australia.

Two versions of the X15 Euro 6 engine will be on display at Brisbane – the Efficiency Series and Performance Series – and each has a different set of hardware and software to achieve its objectives.

“They are two separate platforms that will allow customers to optimise their engine to best meet their needs without compromise,” says Mike Fowler.

The X12 and Efficiency version of the X15 will be coupled to the all-new Endurant 12-speed automated transmission –  the first heavy-duty automated transmission to emerge from the joint venture Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies business.

“This is a game-changing transmission featuring a sophisticated communication system between the engine and transmission software,” says Fowler.

A key element of the ‘Cummins Integrated Power’ solution, Endurant is engineered to support engine downspeeding to help save fuel. It features predictive shifting using look-ahead technology to execute shift decisions at the best rpm for fuel economy while maintaining good on-road performance.

The X15 Performance engine at the Brisbane show will be coupled to an Eaton 18-speed UltraShift Plus automated transmission.

A Blast from the Past

The legacy line-up at Brisbane will feature what is believed to be the oldest Cummins engine in Australia, recently discovered near Toowoomba in Queensland. A single-cylinder unit that squeezed out 3 hp at 600 rpm, it is thought to have been built in the first half of 1922 under a license granted by Robert M Hvid who owned the US patents for the fuel and combustion system.

Other legacy engines will include the C160, the first Cummins engine to significantly advance diesel power in Australian trucking. A 464 cu.in. (7.6-litre) naturally aspirated in-line six, the C160 produced 160 hp at 2800 rpm. Cummins’ most successful V-series engine, the 903, along with some notable in-line sixes – the NTC350, N14 ‘Red Head’ and first-generation Signature 600 – will also be on display to stir the emotions of Cummins aficionados.

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