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GME’s New Technology Looking After Australians

Published: March 5, 2019
GME UHF CB radio

About GME

Since 1959 GME has been an Australian owned family company. GME has come a long way from their humble beginnings, now running a state-of-the-art operation with over 200 staff and divisions stretching around the world. GME remains the only Australian manufacturer of UHF CB radios, with the majority of our products designed, engineered, and manufactured in Sydney’s North West.

From our first UHF radio in 1981, GME has grown and evolved the sophistication and capability of their products to make them the premier market leader in the UHF CB category.  

GME’s Commitment to Australian Communication

The ability to share information is fundamental to mankind’s evolution, therefore when one considers the isolation and geography of Australia, it is clear why radio communications have played such an important role in the development of the nation’s infrastructure. For over 30 years the Australian rural community has enjoyed the benefits of GME’s radio communications. In the 1980’s GME’s range of 477 MHz radios was instrumental in changing the face of farm communications, improving productivity and safety. Today GME telemetry and data radio equipment is introducing new levels of efficiency in farming, viticulture and many associated rural activities.

Technical excellence lies at the very heart of every GME radio product, from the Design Engineers, through the factory assemblers, test technicians, to the sales and customer service teams that support the products in the field, everyone has commitment and an unerring pride in the quality of the GME product.

Such a combination of expertise and resources ensures GME remains at the forefront of radio communications and development. GME maintain their investment in technology and as customer needs changes, they design radio communication products that continue the tradition of exceptional performance, innovative features and value for money.

GME at the BTS

This year GME will be bringing their newest innovations to display to their loyal customers and people willing to invest in their technologies. Be sure to stop by their stall and chat to the ever friendly and helpful GME staff on how to equip your vehicle/s with the suited GME products.

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