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Surprises in Store at the Graham Lusty Stand

Published: February 27, 2019
Graham Lusty Trailers

It’s that time of year again where all the hitters in the transport industry show off their wares. Graham Lusty Trailers are a little excited because at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show they will be dropping three massive new products.  Do you remember what Christmas was like before you found out Santa Claus was a marketing gimmick developed by Coca-Cola?  That is how excited they are about the new trailers they have lined up for the show. 

Graham Lusty and the board of directors have allowed the following information to be released:

  1. The first trailer on display will get you an extra 4 tonnes on CML routes base on single trailer use. Do the math on how much extra money that will make you…
  2. The second trailer is big, pretty and discharges from the side in a unique way.
  3. The third trailer acknowledges that rear discharging belt trailers are okay. But this is something better.

Our site will be full of trailers that you need to see.

For the first time at the Brisbane Truck Show they will be offering their 2019 summer collection of merchandise. Inspiration for the product range has been drawn from such iconic designers as Devinci, Banksy and Chanel. You will look and feel a million bucks as you hit the local Brisbane pub scene kitted out in your GLT branded gear.

Finally, visitors will be able to view a large selection of their trailer range in a very special way… 

Come and check out the new line up with the GLT crew at site number 133.

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