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HDrive’s Hydrogen Trucks Power Up Ahead of BTS23

HDrive Hydrogen Powered Trucks
13 Dec, 2022

HDrive’s hydrogen-powered prime movers and special-purpose trucks move into production and will be on display at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show

HDrive, a subsidiary of Australian specialist vehicle manufacturer BLK Auto, has announced its entry into the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (HFCV) truck market, with a range of trucks now in production after a successful design and engineering period.

The company has already taken several orders for its HFCV trucks, including for a dual-control side lifter waste truck and a 6×4 prime mover recently purchased by fuel provider Pure Hydrogen for use by its clients.

HDrive’s HFCV trucks have been designed and engineered in Australia, using high-quality components sourced from its trusted network of suppliers to develop the company’s fuel cell and other market-leading technology.

In a joint venture, HDrive trucks will initially be built at Wisdom (Fujian) Motor Company premises using the proven Ballard Fuel Cells. Wisdom majority shareholders are Ballard and Hong Kong-based investment company Templewater.

HDrive has several drivetrain options available, including prime movers, refuelling trucks, dual control waste trucks, and cement mixer trucks

They are suitable for a variety of heavy-duty industries, with several drivetrain options available, including: prime mover hydrogen trucks (4×2 drivetrain, 24-tonne gross vehicle weight; 6×4, 18-tonne to 70-tonne GVW; and 8×4, 49-tonne GVW); refuelling trucks (6×4); dual control waste trucks (6×4); and cement mixer trucks (8×4, 10×4).

HDrive is working with its customers to define requirements for other HFCV trucks to suit demand and improve its already comprehensive aftersales support, cementing partnerships and supply agreements with world-leading companies.

Managing Director Jason Pecotic says: “Moving our trucks from development into production is an exciting milestone for both BLK Auto and HDrive and consolidates our reputation as an innovative commercial vehicle manufacturer.

“As Australia’s leading clean energy commercial vehicle manufacturer, HDrive continues to deliver turnkey commercial vehicle solutions to customers that are competitive on price yet do not give ground on build quality or vehicle performance.”

HDrive says moving from development into production consolidates its reputation as an innovative commercial vehicle manufacturer

BLK Auto released Australia’s first hydrogen passenger coach a year ago, which was the culmination of an 18-month research and development program.

Since launch, 10 HFCV coaches have been ordered for use in Western Australia’s Pilbara region and this success enabled HDrive to accelerate the development of its truck range.

HDrive’s innovation in commercial vehicles hasn’t stopped at hydrogen trucks. An autonomous battery electric vehicle (BEV) terminal tractor, which can haul loads of up to 75 tonnes, is also being produced for use in major ports and warehouse operations.

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