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Hydreco controlling the flow with a new range of valves

Published: April 9, 2021

Hydreco will be using the Brisbane Truck Show to highlight their new range of hydraulic valves for tipping, flow diversion, and pressure relief.

Hydreco now has three styles of air operated tipping valve that includes the single spool 87 series valve which has the capability for two speed lowering and adjustable relief pressure settings between 70 and 210 bar.

Also new is the 105 series, which is a single spool tipping valve but can be fitted with a dual pressure relief valve for use where a prime mover may be connected to different types of trailers including tippers, walking floors, and live bottom trailers.

This valve is complemented by the 210 series dual spool valve which is ideal for truck and dog combinations.

Both the 105 and 210 series valves can also be fitted with optional pressure switches for use with body up alarms or other applications as required.

Also new from Hydreco at the truck show is the 89 series diverter valve. This valve is ideal for use in applications such as truck and dog, B-Double, and side tipper road trains.

This valve has a 6000psi working pressure and can be operated either by air, cable, or can be manually controlled.

Rounding out the range of new valves that will be on display is the 25 series three port inline pressure relief valve.

This valve has an option of being either single or dual pressure with a range between 70 and 210 bar.

The 25 series valve has an aluminium housing to reduce weight and is ideal for fitting to a prime mover when the hydraulic control valves are fitted to the trailer and the circuit requires protection from being over pressurised.

Find Hydreco Hydraulics in the Foyer level stand 135

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