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Isuzu’s new ELF BEVs coming to Australia, but timing TBC

isuzu electric truck
17 Mar, 2023

Isuzu Australia COO Andrew Harbison confirms Isuzu’s first factory produced EV is headed Down Under and will offer customers the same compelling business case they rely on Isuzu to provide

It’s a matter of not if, but when Australia will see Isuzu’s first factory produced zero-emission vehicle (ZEV), the ELF EV, which was recently launched internationally, according to Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL). Could that be as early as the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show on May 18-21? We can only hope!

Launched under Isuzu Motors Limited’s (IML) ‘choose your future’ banner, the new light and medium-duty product range includes a mix of technology to address localised market demand, regulation compliance, and geographic preferences, the company says.

The next-generation products feature an all-new cabin design with more space surrounding the driver’s position, safety technology upgrades including multiple drive-assist features, and new powertrain technology.

Utilising its product development platform I-MACS*8, Isuzu will offer the models with various power source options, according to the IML reveal.

The BEV model portfolio will range from two battery packs with a 40kWh capacity to five battery packs with 100kWh capacity

The battery-electric vehicle (BEV) model portfolio ranges from standard cab models of less than 3.5 tonnes in GVW to wide-cab models of up to 7.5 tonnes in GVW.

The standard-cab model houses two battery packs with a 40kWh capacity, the high-cab three battery packs with a 60kWh capacity, and the wide-cab five battery packs with 100kWh capacity.

Chassis with special rear body applications (eg garbage trucks and aerial work vehicles) and ELF EV Urban Transporter, a walk-through van model, will be launched internationally in FY2024.

IML says the BEV models will share as many operational components and layouts as possible with diesel models to provide compatibility with the rear bodies of diesel trucks so as to allow customers to smoothly start using BEVs without sacrificing convenience.

The BEV model portfolio ranges from standard cab models of less than 3.5 tonnes in GVW to wide-cab models of up to 7.5 tonnes in GVW

While no local release date has been set, Isuzu Australia Chief Operating Officer and Director, Andrew Harbison, says customers can expect, when the new model is announced for the Australian market, “the same compelling operator and business case they rely on Isuzu to provide”.

“The Isuzu Elf EV is the culmination of intense research and development by Isuzu in Japan,” he says.

“In its first iteration, this battery-electric Isuzu truck is targeted at the built-up environment, fulfilling last-mile distribution duties.

“It will have an immediate and obvious impact in reducing urban transport emissions and contributing to greater quality of life through reduced noise and safety features protecting both the operator and public.

“We look forward to setting out on this journey with our Australian customers.”

The BEV models will share as many components and layouts as possible with diesel models to provide compatibility with the rear bodies

Harbison adds that with the “converging lines of increased road freight demand and the requirement for ZEV”, it is essential Isuzu has a product portfolio that meets customers’ immediate and near-term needs.

“IAL continues to build on the strengths of our success in the local market and we are keenly aware of the product attributes that our customers rely on daily in the course of their businesses,” he says.

“Ensuring that this is encapsulated in every product and service that we develop and bring to market is critical to this record and we are confident that this new product announcement represents the next assured step in our continued journey.

“What’s exciting about the announcement today is that the products revealed represent both the immediate and long-term prospects for our current and future commercial vehicle customers here in Australia.”

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