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JOST Brings the Goods to Brisbane

Published: February 15, 2019
Rockinger towing hitches

At this year’s Brisbane Truck Show, JOST Australia will unveil the latest developments in towing hitch technology with the help of its multi-award-winning ROCKINGER range. The ROCKINGER brand offers commercial vehicle operators a wide range of towing hitches for various different mounting points and for every type of use.

ROCKINGER has built a solid reputation for prioritising safety across its entire portfolio and developing ground-breaking safety features such as the drawbar turn angle warning system with a display in the driver’s cabin to provide reliable protection from shunting damage to couplings, drawbars and the rear of the vehicle.


JOST Australia will be bringing some exceptional ROCKINGER brand products to Brisbane including new and improved features for the RO*500 towing hitch.

The popular RO*500 design is favoured for its low-maintenance design and trusted release lever technology. At this year’s show, the RO*500 will be displayed as a sensor coupling, fitted out with a remote display and pivoting angle warning display.

The RO*500 is best suited for fixed drawbar applications like Pig Trailers with a download rating up to 2.5T, hinged drawbar applications such as Dog Trailers, through to Multiple Road-Train combinations up to 285kN.

ROCKINGER Agricultural Division

ROCKINGER has established a solid agricultural division, producing ladder systems that house a wide range of implement connection points well suited for farming and tractor applications.  

With the ROCKINGER ladder system, tow couplings can be easily switched with a ROCKINGER 80mm ball or Piton or even a smaller 40mm coupling. Operators can utilise a wide range of combinations without having to change their vehicle.

All JOST Australia products go through comprehensive testing so you can rest assured they conform to Australian Standards and are best suited to the Australian climate.

To learn more about the ROCKINGER portfolio and consult the experts on all things towing safety and efficiency, visit the JOST Australia stand in the Foyer at stand number 078.

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