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JOST Axle Systems: Innovation Meets Experience

Published: February 14, 2019

At the Brisbane Truck Show this year, JOST Australia will reveal a number of axle innovations to the Australian market, such as the new DCA-T7 disc brake, the JOST Plug & Play solution for tyre inflation systems and the weight-optimised JOST Twin Lift, which is part of the DCA Axle Series. Since January 2015, JOST has been manufacturing and distributing trailer axles engineered by Mercedes-Benz. This impressive range of products includes rigid as well as steered axles for drawbar trailers and semitrailers.

Innovative axle design

The compact axle beam gives the axle series the name DCA – Durable Compact Axle.

Integrating all the axle functions results in a compact axle housing that is extremely durable and lightweight due to its innovative design. The DCA axle housing integrates the trailing arm, axle tube, brake flange and axle journal, creating a perfect unit. The complete modular DCA axle system opens up a practically limitless number of application possibilities with minimal spare parts.

Axle and compressed air reservoir in one

With its DCA AIRMASTER, JOST Australia will present the world’s first and only trailer axle that stores compressed air for the air suspension and brakes in its housing, resulting in substantially reduced weight and allowing entirely new vehicle concepts.

The axle beam of the DCA AIRMASTER also functions simultaneously as a compressed air reservoir for both the brake system and air suspension, now also available with a tyre inflation system. The DCA AIRMASTER has been tested and approved for the Australian market.

The compressed air reservoir has a capacity of 40 litres per axle, enabling the DCA AIRMASTER to replace the usual compressed air chambers on a semitrailer. This results in weight savings of up to 50 kg, as well as freeing up the assembly space below the trailer, thus laying the cornerstone for the creation of entirely new vehicle concepts with innovative frame and assembly constructions. Like all DCA series axles, the DCA AIRMASTER can be used in all common vehicle types. This version is also available with a brake pad wear indicator.

Short braking distances and continuous performance

At this year’s Brisbane Truck Show in May, JOST Australia will also present its new weight-optimised DCA-T7 disc brake. JOST trailer axles from the DCA series are now available with the new JOST DCA-T7 with its proven twin tappet technology. The renowned quality of JOST original parts ensures that the DCA-T7 will always record short braking distances and guarantees continuous performance, while the weight optimisation of the DCA-T7 facilitates both maintenance and service tasks.

Trailer steering axle for reduced tyre wear

Another axle innovation which Brisbane Truck Show attendees will have the opportunity to check out for themselves is the DCA STEERMASTER trailer steering axle, which can be perfectly combined with all other DCA axles.

The DCA STEERMASTER enables a steering angle of 21 degrees and has further improved the trailer steering, even in tight curves. The steering axle also reduces tyre wear and lowers the tractor’s fuel consumption. Like all other DCA axles, the DCA STEERMASTER uses the proven components from the DCA series, helping achieve great versatility and reliability.

Plug & Play solution for tyre inflation systems

The JOST Australia stand at the Brisbane Truck Show in 2019 will also feature the JOST Plug & Play solution for tyre inflation systems. Tyre inflation systems clearly increase the lifetime of tyres, while optimised tyre pressures reduce tyre wear and fuel consumption. A tyre inflation system on a semitrailer or trailer continuously controls the tyre pressures on all axles and readjusts them automatically if the pressure is too low. The system constantly ensures optimal tyre pressures and thus reduces the risks of breakdowns and accidents, as well as unplanned visits to the garage. The easy-to-assemble JOST Plug & Play solution for tyre inflation systems guarantees a fast installation with no additional conversion effort for all common trailer types and is compatible with all common control systems.

The DCA AIRMASTER with integrated compressed air reservoir is also available with the Plug & Play solution for tyre inflation systems. The construction design of two separate air circuits results in the unique function of being able to store pressurised air for both the brake system and the air suspension in the axle beam, while at the same time benefiting from the advantages of a tyre inflation system. DCA axles equipped with a tyre inflation system guarantee maximal flexibility for vehicle manufacturers and forwarders alike.

A Twin Lift that’s even lighter and easier to assemble

Now even lighter and easier to assemble, the JOST Twin Lift is yet another axle innovation which is not to be missed at the Brisbane Truck Show this May. This optimised axle lift for the DCA series lifts all rigid axles from the DCA series safely and reliably, resulting in reduced tyre wear and optimal load distribution.

The main focus during development of the JOST Twin Lift was on functionality and weight optimisation, which has led to a 10 percent weight reduction of 2,8 kg per axle compared to other axle lifts. JOST also changed the interface between axle and lift which has resulted in a reduction of installation effort of up to 70%. As for all JOST axles and components, only proven materials were used to meet the highest quality standards. JOST guarantees a reliable spare parts supply throughout the entire product life cycle, as well as backwards compatibility for all rigid axles from the DCA series. The weight-optimised JOST Twin Lift is available in series production and as a retrofit solution.

Come and check out all of JOST Australia’s incredible axle innovations in the Foyer at stand number 078. Whether you’d like to chat about axle systems or any of the other JOST, ROCKINGER or Buyers products or services, the JOST Australia team of knowledgeable representatives will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

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