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Let vWork put your customer at the core – and you in control

Published: May 7, 2021

Customers demand clear communication at every step of the delivery journey. With vWork’s easy-to-use agile platform at your fingertips, they put you in control and give you the confidence to know that your jobs are being scheduled, tracked and delivered.

By uniting your customer messaging into their transport scheduling software, you can be certain that your customers are getting the experience they expect – and deserve.

With a number of fantastic features available, they have highlighted two of the most popular, to get you excited about the possibilities of using vWork in your business.

1. Right message at the right time – every time

Delays happen and jobs get postponed. It’s how these events are managed that can make or break an ongoing business relationship. vWork understand this, so their application lets you keep in touch with your customers and update them on their real-time delivery progress.

The magic for this happens behind the scenes and relates to pre-set workflows, and time or action-based triggers. For example, by adding a custom field around delays such as ‘stuck in traffic’, an automatic email or text will be triggered and sent to the customer explaining what the problem is, why it’s happened, and potentially rescheduling a delivery time.

vWork not only communicate with your customers when there’s a problem. The benefit of real-time updates is that they can keep them in the loop at any time during the delivery cycle – which includes how far off the delivery is and a map to track the driver, they can even include reminders via text or email the day before of the delivery.

These real-time updates mean that solutions can often be found before a situation escalates, and because everyone is operating inside a job management tool, the whole team is across what’s happening and can proactively act to manage the situation.

Whatever it is you need to deliver, being able to track the cycle – potentially days in advance – is not only putting the customer at the centre of your process, but you in complete control too.

2. Proof of service makes sure everyone is on the same page

vWork’s platform allows a range of options to confirm the progress of a job that includes ePOD’s (signatures recorded via sign-on-glass) time-stamps and photos. Their customers rave about the ability to clearly capture issues on-site via photos, and how much easier it is for them to resolve them when they’re able to email images through to their customers, rather than try to verbally explain them.

Having the ability to place customers at the core of your business is only one part of what their job management platform can offer you. If you’d like more information on how vWork can put you in control, come and see us at Plaza 215 – they would love to talk more.

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