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MAHA – Featured New Wire Column Lifts

Published: April 23, 2019

Now all NEW MAHA # RGA ‘Wireless’ columns are available with new ‘adjustable carriages’ that offer a tyre-diameter adjustment range of 550mm through to 1500mm.

The new MAHA adjustable carriages are a great upgrade to a great column lift. The new MAHA lifts are not just easy to use, require virtually no setup time and offer the highest level of safety and quality but now have the added benefit of a greater range of tyre-diameter adjustment. That means a greater array of vehicles, from small to large, can be lifted.

The battery-operated, cable-free # RGA ‘wireless’ columns have been designed to give approximately 20 full lift cycles at 7.5-tonne lift per column or approximately 35 full lift cycles at 3.5-tonne lift per column. Each column has a built-in battery charger that runs on standard 230V single-phase power. Most users generally need to charge them just once per week.

The columns are a full electro-mechanical system. The lifting mechanism is a stainless-steel rolled screw and recirculating ball/nut assembly with a claimed efficiency of more than 90 per cent. All columns – whether single or grouped – have been designed to be taken up or down a millimetre or two at a time for optimum control whether lifting or lowering giving fine infinite control. MAHA columns have a generous carriage length 380mm on the NEW adjustable carriage and lift height 1750mm.

The MAHA carriage length allows the safe, easy lifting of a wide variety of vehicles and the lift height results in the best ergonomics for the operator. MAHA columns can be used in groups or as a single as required and taken up and down. Or, if you have four columns, it’s possible to select two sets of two columns or four sets of one column and use them accordingly on their own channel.
Indeed, because the MAHA columns are all clones, any additional units can be grouped in to make a set of up to eight columns for lifting.
MAHA columns in ‘Auto Mode’ will stay within a 20mm range of each other, and while a column or columns will sometimes slow down or speed up slightly to stay within this 20mm range, they do so very smoothly.

MAHA column lifts come with a long list of safety features, including the ‘Wedge Lock’ safety system, an independent locking device that acts directly between the column and carriage as a failsafe.
There is a wide array of customers throughout Australia now using MAHA columns, from various local authorities, councils and individuals to small and large fleet companies and bus, coach and truck workshops.

MAHA range also includes # RGE 415V Cabled Hoists, which are mechanically like the RGA columns, with the same 7500kg lifting capacity per column, but use cables for power and operation.

Other features of the # RGE lifts include:
• Coordinated operation of up to six, eight or even 12.
• Power-supply box mounted on the required mobile lift.

MAHA # RGA and # RGE truck and bus-lifting hoists/ columns conform with AS/NZS 1418.9, with design registration approvals for use throughout Australia.

MAHA covers the lifting range with the peace of mind of direct factory-backed servicing and offers a range of MAHA roller brake testers, shaker plates, automotive lifts, dynamometers and Emissions testers to complement these lifts.

To see the latest of MAHA visit their stand at the Brisbane Truck Show later this month at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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