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New Checks on Load Simulation for Brake Test Systems

Published: February 13, 2019

Video: The new installation at the CMV State of the Art Truck & Bus Dealership has 105 Work Bays and two fully optioned Brake Test Lanes including load simulation and digital headlight testing.

When testing heavy vehicles with high load/empty ratios, (e.g. heavy goods vehicles, semi-trailers and trailers) a simulation of a load is required in cases where loading vehicles for the braking performance test is not always possible (e.g. in the case of foodstuff transporters and containers or dangerous goods vehicles).

MAHA has two simple load simulation solutions that can be retrofitted easily and at a low investment cost. Firstly, there is the holding-down device with two hydraulic cylinders anchored firmly to the floor. In this type of load simulation every axle must be held down separately. Furthermore, MAHA offers a holding-down device with hydraulic cylinders that can be moved on tracks, which is advantageous in the case of twin axles and can significantly reduce fitting time.

Secondly, MAHA offers load simulation via lifting roller sets especially for twin axles. The roller set lifts, increasing the axle load by unloading the other axles and placing the entire weight of the structure on the single axle being tested. According to the experience of international testing organisations, this solution can achieve the required axle load in 90% of cases without further fixing of the vehicle.

These solutions provide workshops and testing organisations with the greatest possible flexibility for load simulation while simultaneously reducing the time needed to conduct tests.

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