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Muscat Innovative Safety

Published: April 11, 2019

Muscat Trailers will be launching a new concept in the Live Bottom Floor market with a Truck & 4 Axle dog combination being exhibited with a Live Floor unit fitted to truck & dog, the combination will feature a truck with tridem rear axle group setup with single steer and 4AD with single pole style drawbar for better jack-knifing ability.

This innovative new setup negates the need for tipping either truck or trailer which brings a much-added safety feature to the industry for local commodity plants where current exclusion zones make tipping conventional tippers a hazard and improves the safety greatly for live traffic road works by not having tipping trailers directly next to a live traffic lane when repairing or widening existing roads.

Muscat Trailers has been in business for 45 years and builds primarily tipping bodies & trailers with more than 20 different style designs to suit exactly what you need for the current transport industry.

Muscat Trailers is also heavily in design and manufacture of Live Bottom Floor trailers for a variety of industries with the primary being asphalt & commodities.

Their engineers’ design bodies and trailers with the latest state of the art technology using CAD & 3D modelling software. They work closely with customers to create a solution to increase the profitability of their business.

One thing remains unchanged, Muscat Trailers focuses on the highest level of customer service, are committed to superior quality, toughness and durability as it is at the heart of every truck body & trailer that we build.

Muscat Trailers is proud to support the Brisbane Truck Show and all the effort that the associations put back into the industry to make our transport industry safer for the whole community.

Customers coming along to the show can expect a high level of professionalism from Muscat Trailers with a range of bodies & trailers to suit all their needs.

The Muscat team will be at the show in full force ready to answer any questions or consult on any new ideas that customers have, we are there to help.

Muscat Trailers are excited to show off the new truck & 4 axle dog trailer Live Floor combination that we will be exhibiting.

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