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No stone is left unturned for BTS21 visitors

Published: February 17, 2021

Don’t think for a moment that anything is being taken for granted with preparations for the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show. No stone is being left unturned to ensure that visitors to the Sunshine State have a healthy and safe experience.

But if there’s anywhere you would want to be when events kick back into life, it is in Brisbane.

So, you already know what the truck show is all about? Even if you have never been before, no doubt your mates have put it simply like: “Everyone’s going to be there and it’s the only way to see all the latest gear in one place.” Something like that.

Then, you might have joined us for the last show as we spread our wings across into the parklands for what is now known as the South Bank Truck Festival?

The truck and trailer display, in amongst all the restaurant and bars, made for an exceptional atmosphere. This year everything is going up ten notches with more live free entertainment and more vehicles too.

You have probably already heard that heavy equipment and machinery are back? The Civil Construction Field Days are just a free shuttle away, just down the river at Hamilton Northshore.

Hopefully, you realise that your ticket into the truck show will also get you into the field days, and vice versa? Two days and nights of entertainment on one incredibly priced ticket. That is just for starters.

Did you also know that the NRL Magic Round is on in Brisbane the same weekend? That is every game for the whole round spread across the weekend, with a couple of insane double-headers thrown in.

It does not end there. Do you like the ponies?

The TAB Doomben 10,000 is being run on Saturday 15 May- and that’s barely a hop, skip and jump from the CCFD heavy equipment and machinery show.

So, when your mates ask if you are going to meet up in Brisbane this May, you would need an unimaginably good excuse to say no. Right?

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