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MAHA Paving the Way in Global Safety Innovations

Published: February 13, 2019
MAHA Australia

MAHA Australia, the premium workshop equipment specialists are coming to the 2019 Brisbane truck show to exhibit the latest in safe and innovative workshop fittings. As one of the most productive workshop fitting suppliers, MAHA has become a trusted technical partner for workshops around the world.

About MAHA

MAHA specialises in high-quality testing and lifting equipment as well as, software and consulting services for the planning and implementation of construction projects. Many in the transport industry, from vehicle workshops, inspection bodies and vehicle manufacturers, to governmental organisations, favour their reliable services.

As world-leaders in workshop fitting, MAHA endeavours to deliver only products of the highest quality. All MAHA products are developed at the company headquarters in Germany, with most of the components being manufactured in-house, to ensure consistency in quality across all product lines. Their dedication to quality is one of the reasons for the company’s continued growth and presence in over 150 countries.

What to expect at the show

At the Brisbane Truck Show, you will have the opportunity to discover innovative and exciting technology from MAHA like their Roller Brake Testing system. This unique system tests individual axels one at a time and provides all necessary calculations, making it one of the safest and most accurate brake testing systems. The testing system is supported by their Load Simulation solutions that allow for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

As a company committed to providing the best possible customer care, MAHA is bringing their exceptional customer service to this year’s show. Their team of specialists will be on hand to provide information about their product range and discuss the implementation, servicing, repair and calibration of workshop equipment.

Want to upgrade your workshop equipment, maximise safety and increase efficiency? Come by the MAHA stand to learn more about workshop equipment fitting and discover solutions that will revolutionise your workshop. The team at MAHA Australia looks forward to meeting you! For more information contact MAHA Australia at 1300 00 6242 or email info@maha.com.au or MAHA New Zealand at 0800 624 269 or email office@maha.co.nz 

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