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Promata’s new TMPS takes pressure off tyre checks

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27 Apr, 2023

After meeting at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show, Promata solved Jim Pearson’s B-double tyre pressure checking and monitoring problem with an innovative new solution

Promata, a brand of Carmate Electronics, a leading provider of tyre pressure monitoring solutions (TPMS), is displaying its new Mata 7s tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for B-doubles and road-trains at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show.

Development of Mata 7s was inspired by Jim Pearson, owner of Jim Pearson’s Transport, who expressed his need for a reliable TPMS that can handle multi-trailer set-ups at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show.

He shared with Promata his staff’s daily struggle of manually checking each tyre before hundreds of B-doubles leave the yard, and the time-consuming task of checking tyre pressure during monthly servicing.

After testing Mata T2, a  Promata TPMS for rigid trucks, Jim requested a system that could handle multi-trailer set-ups, which led to development of Mata 7s.

The system can monitor up to six trailers with a total of 110 tyres and uses unique hook-drop recognition technology to detect when the truck hooks up and drops off trailers.

Mata 7s features internal or external sensors that monitor tyre pressure and temperature 24/7, alerting drivers with visible and audible warnings for high or low pressure, leakage and high temperatures.

Jim Pearson has been testing the external Mata 7S product in his fleet for a year and is extremely satisfied with its easy installation, accurate reporting, and ability to handle multi-trailer set-ups, especially the prime movers and trailers swap function.

Since introducing Mata 7s to the fleet, Promata has helped resolve several issues.

For instance, when the system alerted a B-double had lower pressure and one tyre was particularly low, tyre technician Jake was dispatched to investigate.

Upon removing the tyre, he discovered three nails and a leak in the valve. This prevented a potentially dangerous situation and saved downtime.

What’s more, Jake now only needs a quarter of the time to check all tyre pressures. Jim Pearson’s staff also find checking the tyre pressures time-saving when performing monthly maintenance checks.

Location: Stand 375, Plaza

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