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Six signs that you are ready for a digital transformation

Published: April 18, 2021

With COVID-19 forcing many companies to review their business continuity plans and operate segments of their business virtually, technology has never been more important.

James McDougall, Business Development Manager at Cincom discusses the six signs that reveal a company needs to invest in digital transformation.    

Almost every organisation has been impacted by the COVID-induced pivot to digital transformation. For those businesses who were yet to start their digital transformation journey, they had a lot of catching up to do in 2020.

One of the lessons learned from COVID-19 is the compelling need for organisations to have a “plan B” in place to ensure business continuity during times of disruption.

The current crisis has taught us that the better plan is to build your processes and operations in a manner that anticipates calamity and disruption. To accomplish this, companies require agility, flexibility and redundancy.

These attributes allow the company to freely move from one mode of operation to another. Specific individuals, departments or the enterprise as a whole require the ability to mobilize and to physically decentralize and maintain operations without interruption or pause.

Those companies that were able to send large percentages of their workforce home to continue their daily duties via remote access were the companies that have been able to survive, if not thrive, during this crisis.

Digital selling transformation – when and where?

No matter what your industry, sales drive success. For us, digital transformation is about finding areas and processes where you can make the biggest impact with the least effort.

A great place to start is with your selling process. This is where money comes into the organisation. If you can make a positive impact within the selling process, if you can insulate it from disruption, you will be well on the way toward transforming your entire enterprise.

Positively impacting the selling process offers immediate results that are highly visible. Stabilising or improving sales revenue translates into stability for the enterprise and justification for extending your transformation efforts into other areas.

How to tell your selling process needs digital transformation

  1. You’re not seeing improvements
  2. You’re always behind your competitor
  3. Configuration errors are common
  4. Extended pricing and price-justification discussions
  5. Complex or opaque quotation documents
  6. Tribal knowledge is not built into configuration and pricing processes

This will likely lead to process problems.

Give your existing sales processes a close look. Talk to your reps; talk to your customers.

Almost anyone involved in the selling of your products will have valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses associated with your selling process.

There are many products available to bring the selling operation into a more digitally oriented stance and at Cincom we have had some great success transforming these processes for several large businesses in the commercial vehicle and materials handling industries in Australia.

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