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Solving the Ride Height Problem

Published: March 15, 2019
Ride Height Problem

Changing the ride height on your truck or trailer air suspension, maybe a quick fix for a drive line angle issue or reaching a certain king pin height on a trailer.

One of the most common problems Powerdown encounter when receiving calls about suspension related issues, is the ride height of the rear air suspension or trailer suspension has been adjusted above the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) recommendations. Unfortunately, these quick fix changes will eventually lead to some expensive headaches in the future.

In an industry first Powerdown has released a select range of shock absorbers with a recommended ride height sticker. This sticker is designed to indicate where the shock absorber is operating in terms of stroke when the shock absorber is fitted to the vehicle.

The sticker is strategically placed on the body of the shock absorber to indicate shock absorber stroke relative to vehicle ride height.

If the dust shield edge is in the GREEN zone then the vehicle ride height is correct. This is where optimum performance of the shock absorber is achieved.

If the dust shield edge is in the AMBER/YELLOW zone (on either the top or bottom end) the ride height should be checked. In this position the stroke of the shock absorber is starting to stray outside of the optimal performance zone.

If the dust shield edge is in the RED zone (on either the top or bottom end) the ride height is way off. This indicates that the likelihood of the shock absorber topping out or bottoming out is highly increased over time. This may also mean that the wrong shock for the application has been fitted.

If the shock absorber falls into the AMBER/YELLOW or RED zones it is highly recommended that the ride height of the suspension is checked in accordance with the OEM recommendations. This will help avoid premature wear and tear, not only to the shock absorbers, but to the entire suspension of your vehicle.

Visit the Powerdown stand at the 2019 Brisbane Truck show to learn more.

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