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Success for SEA Electric at BTS21

Published: June 2, 2021

The 2021 Brisbane Truck Show marked a significant milestone for Australia’s latest truck OEM SEA Electric, with the unveiling of the company’s full range of vehicles.

Five different trucks were presented at the Show in various applications, with the entire suite covering trucks from 4.5-tonne car licence through to 22.5-tonne three-axle rigids.

A highlight for the brand was the uncovering of the very first SEA Electric branded trucks to roll off the brand’s production line in Melbourne.

Constructed on site from new Semi Knocked Down kits, the trucks are designed specifically for Australian conditions and are now available via a network of 12 dealerships nationwide.

“For SEA Electric, the Brisbane Truck Show was an incredibly exciting event in the history of the brand with the public reveal of our full range,” said Bill Gillespie, SEA Electric President – Asia Pacific.

“There is a lot of momentum growing behind the zero-emissions segment of the transport industry, and we are proud to be at the forefront.

“Our SEA-Drive® Power System has been proven in the field with millions of kilometres of real-world driving to date, so fleets can rest assured that their trucks are of the highest quality, all while delivering outstanding performance.

“The feedback we received at the Show from visitors was very heartening; there is a lot of interest from all corners of the marketplace for our technology and products, which is great news for the future.”

Topping the list of vehicles on display was the very first truck to roll off the SEA Electric assembly line, a SEA 300-85 model.

Rated to 8.5-tonnes, the truck is specified with a 138kWh battery driving a 1,500Nm motor, which lends itself to a variety of final applications, including dry freight, temperature-controlled freight, as elevated working platform or a tipper or with local councils in a range of trims.

The other major unveiling at the event was the SEA 300-45, with its 4.5-tonne GVM capable of being driven on a car licence, a game-changer for the brand.

“Throughout 2020, Australia stepped up its reliance on internet shopping, with massive growth in this area,” said Glen Walker, SEA Electric Vice President – Asia Pacific.

“That last-mile delivery is often undertaken by a truck capable of being driven on a car licence, a segment which presents tremendous opportunities for manufacturers.

“The challenge has been to package the Power System in a way that manages to keep the tare weight down as low as possible, giving the truck a practical load-carrying capacity.

“So in cab-chassis form, with strong performance and a range of approximately 250km, we have a tare weight of 2.5 tonne, which results in 2 tonnes for the truck’s body and freight, which is an incredibly attractive proposition.”

As showcased in Brisbane, the truck is specified with an 88kWh battery and a 700Nm motor.

Also starring on the SEA Electric display was Queensland Government’s first fully electric cherry picker, a SEA 500-165.

The Energex Elevating Work Platform (EWP) is set to be based in the Brisbane suburb of Stafford, with Queensland Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen Mick de Brenni on hand at the Show for its launch.

In 16.5 tonne 4×2 configuration, the truck is complete with a 138kWh battery and a 2,500Nm motor, with the SEA-500 range ultimately also available in 22.5-tonne, 6×2 specification, finished with a 3,500Nm motor.

Rounding out the stand was a SEA 500-140, presented with a Bucher Municipal UrBin RL110e rear loader refuse body.

With a 14 tonne GVM, the truck is specified with a 2,500Nm motor and a 138kWh battery pack.

“That particular truck is designed to pick up multiple Mobile Garage Bins in the range of 120L to 1,100L from kerbsides in busy inner-city locations,” said Mr Walker.

“On any given day, it will empty up to 900 individual bins through 300 to 400 lifts, travel around 120km in a complete eight-hour shift, and return to base with 20% charge remaining.

“Like the EWP, this truck has all of its ancillary functions fully electric-powered by the integrated batteries.”

Finally, another SEA 300-85 was presented as a part of the Southbank Truck Festival, with the model taking centre stage as the first all-electric truck in the Brisbane City Council fleet.

Launched at an earlier ceremony at King George Square, the truck is specified as a bespoke tipper for use in the City Botanic Gardens, and joins 20 electric passenger vehicles already utilised by the Council.

Further details on the SEA Electric range and Australia-wide dealer network can be found at www.sea-electric.com/en_au.

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