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Take home some free insights from the new seminar program

Published: March 13, 2019
Brisbane Truck Show 2017 Official Opening Breakfast

The KPMG Insights Centre program is a brand-new initiative for the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show, featuring three streams of free mini-seminars, running all four days of the show.

“When we’ve looked at the all the feedback during our evaluation of the last show, we realised that there was an opportunity to add even more value to our visitors’ experience,” HVIA’s National Communications Manager Steve Power told us.

“Our exhibitors and partners are always encouraging us to find ways to give their customers an improved experience and we’re very excited to be launching a whole range of new initiatives for this year’s show,” he said.

“All the sessions are short and sharp and are designed to cover practical topics around running a safer, more productive and/or more profitable trucking business, and the icing on the cake – the program is entirely free for visitors to the show.”

The KPMG Insights Centre features three seminar rooms running concurrently, with most sessions repeated across the four days of the show.

“Visitors are welcome to pop in for a thirty-minute session at any time, or to take part in a full day’s program if they’re inclined. There’s enough variety to take up three full days of valuable discussion,” Steve added.

“The content that’s been produced by exhibitors, show partners, the regulator and particularly by industry associations is brilliant.

“When we looked at the proposed content the test was to stand in a transport operator’s shoes and ask: ‘Will I be able to put these insights into practice when I get back to work?’ and when you look at this program the answer is a resounding ‘yes’.”

Topics range from navigating the NHVR Permit Portal and dealing with infringement notices to dealing with the minefield of pallet control; from running a financially fit business to addressing mental health, wellbeing and even skills shortages in the trucking industry.

There are sessions addressing maintenance risk management and Chain of Responsibility compliance and having systems in place to manage a critical incident.

The valuable insights and discussion look at finding cost savings with efficient energy solutions and making smart decisions with business insurance and superannuation.

Then there’s coverage of technology including getting the best use from telematics solutions to the latest vehicle technologies and even paperless systems.

“We know that as much as they’d like to, many of the show’s attendees find it difficult to get away from work when things like this are held normally,” Steve said.

“We’re really delighted to be able to facilitate such a strong program thanks to our partners from KPMG.”

The KPMG Insights Centre is located at the top of the escalators on the Plaza Level of the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre within the show, and alongside the new Jobs Hub.


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