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Trimble Talks Intelligent Supply Chain Visibility

Published: April 12, 2019

Leading provider of logistics management software, Trimble Transportation will showcase its innovative technologies and comprehensive transportation solutions at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show. This year Trimble Transportation will be presenting Trimble Visibility to the Australian market.

Trimble is one of the few vendors offering complete transportation solutions including order to cash management, compliance, visibility and mobile. Trimble’s extensive  range of products and services are used by transportation providers, logistics companies and shippers in more than 141 countries to make better decisions that lead to greater overall profitability. TMW Systems, PocketMobile and Trimble Transport & Logistics are all now part of Trimble Transportation.

Trimble Visibility: New to Market in 2019

New to the Australian market in 2019 is Trimble Visibility, a real-time logistics and intelligent supply chain visibility platform. Over 60 ANZ carriers are expected to be on-boarded in 2019 alone. Carriers will benefit from real-time supply chain insights: imagine being able to view a snapshot of all your active shipments and what the current status and location of those shipments are. Users are never left wondering “Where’s my shipment?”

Real-time Updates for Your Team and Customers

The 360-degree supply chain visibility platform is an end-to-end solution that aggregates all of your supply chain data into actionable answers that help you make decisions which positively impact your bottom line and ensure an amazing customer experience.

Trimble Visibility connects information from both your subcontractors and company assets with real-time updates, making it accessible to both your operations team and your customers in the form of an easy-to-digest data view. Give both parties the information they need on-the-go, without the constant phone calls.

Trimble is Going Cloud

The Trimble Transportation team will be on hand at the Brisbane Truck Show this year to walk you through their on-premise, private hosted and cloud SaaS solutions. Come and grab a coffee or consult the Trimble experts about innovative solutions for safe, cost-efficient and sustainable transport.

Discover the vast range of Trimble Transportation technologies and solutions at stand 250 in the Plaza, May 16 – 19.


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