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TruckArt supporting the Livestock Industry

Published: March 1, 2019

When Wagga locals Terry and Sheryl Gibbs. founded Truck Art Pty Ltd they already had a very successful national business group providing smash repairs, vehicle air conditioning and custom sleeper cab manufacturing however they could also see an opportunity looming to further diversify their business within the transport industry.

In 2010, the purchase of Dickinson Trailers from Barney Hayes and Dave Garnsy added significantly to the heavy vehicle services already provided by the Truck Art Group.

In 2011 the Dickinson Livestock Trailers name was changed to Truck Art Livestock Trailers to reflect its place within the Truck Art Group.

This has bought the group number of businesses to 5 including Truck Art Livestock Trailers located at Bomen, Truck Art Smash Repairs (Bomen), Truck Art Melbourne, Truck Art Adelaide and Truck Art Perth.

As the Truck Art Livestock Trailers name gained a foot-hold in the livestock bulk handling industry, demand for the product increased markedly forcing further development of the Truck Art Livestock Trailers production environment.

Facing a schedule heavily booked beyond 12 months, Truck Art Livestock Trailers increased its production facilities to 10 bays; each capable of providing manufacture and repair support to the Livestock Bulk Handling Industry.

Capitalising on the knowledge and skills of staff that transferred with the business purchase in 2010, Truck Art Livestock Trailers has developed a quality management system that now underpins its manufacturing processes to the extent that in 2016/2017, a livestock trailer rolled off the production line every 8 days.

TruckArt Livestock Trailers currently employs 35 staff however, during its developmental years, 50 staff were employed to cater to the needs of the livestock industry.

The service motto of “Going the extra mile” is supported by the mission of providing the heavy vehicle industry with service excellence.

We pride ourselves on actually going the ‘extra mile” and our underpinning core values of ethics, leadership, customer satisfaction and diversity are evidenced in our livestock trailers as they travel the roads across Australia.

TruckArt is entirely Australian owned, is here for long haul and continues to focus on providing ongoing support to the Livestock Industry across Australia.

TruckArt understands the unique opportunity available at the Brisbane Truck Show as like-minded people come together to discuss the developing needs of the industry, recent innovations, changes to legislation impacting the industry and simply to meet the entities that underpin this vital industry.

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