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UHF Radios and Smart Dash Cams from Uniden

Published: April 1, 2019

With 50 years of global excellence and as one of the world’s leaders in wireless communication, Uniden Australia will be presenting some of its road essentials at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show, 2019.

Discover some of Unidens high quality products, ranging from UHF CB mobile radios to in-car smart dash cameras.

The Uniden team will be at the Brisbane Truck Show showcasing its premium UH9050 CB mobile radio which is perfect for staying connected on and off the road.

Built for tough Australian conditions and featuring a distinctly contemporary style, the radio is powered with 12/24 voltage which is suitable for any vehicle type.

Users can be confident that messages won’t be lost in communication with the use of the instant replay function that can record and replay up to one minute of recently received signals.

The UH9050 allows drivers to communicate effortlessly while on the road with innovative features such as Smart Mic, Master Scan and a built-in scanner, making the UH9050 more than just a radio.

Uniden also has available with our UH5050 Models as well making Life on the road easier for long distance travellers and explorers throughout Australia.

With an easy to install DIN size radio the Uniden UH5050 can be neatly fitted into the vehicles dash. Featuring a modern design and a large LCD backlit screen allows for quick control of functions without too much distraction while on the road.

The UH5050 offers the finest components, engineering and styling, just what you would expect from Uniden.

Uniden’s reliability and experience in UHF makes both these units ideal for truckies who need to keep in touch on the road.

With the amount of vehicles on the road each year, driver safety and security has become more important than ever. Accordingly, Uniden has provided drivers with a solution through its new Smart Dash Cam range.

Particularity with its popular IGOCAM70R which not only allows drivers to capture front and rear incidents but also record incidents that occur when vehicles are parked.

The unit also provides additional driver assist features (large speedo display, spped/red light camera warning, GPS geotag etc) through its high quality video recording capabilities, ideal for truck drivers on longer daily communicates.

The IGOCAM70R features a quick and easy plug-and-play setup making installation hassle-free and allows the dash cam to be effortlessly transferred between vehicles.

For those in need of both durable and reliable in-car equipment, Uniden is the ultimate solution.

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