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Vawdrey Lock & Load

Published: March 5, 2019

The new Vawdrey Auto Lock and Load Deck System is a cargo handling game changer, optimising deck handling safety and efficiency. A product of innovative design, the Auto Lock and Load Deck System builds on the tried and tested locking system of the Vawdrey’s popular Auto Mezz Deck range.

Unlike mezzanine decks that require operators to remove the deck from the trailer and manually adjust deck support brackets to alter the deck position, the user-friendly design of the Auto Lock and Load Deck System makes lowering and lifting the deck a safer and more efficient process. To lower the deck, operators simply need to select the unlock function, lift the deck to disengage the locks and lower the deck into the desired position. The Auto Lock and Load Deck System ratchets through each locking position on the mezzanine deck posts when lifting, offering a simple way to lift the deck with a forklift. Ultimately, Vawdrey’s Auto Lock and Load Deck System can save up to 10 minutes per deck movement.

In addition to improving the efficiency and ease deck movements, the Auto Lock and Load Deck system also negates the need for operators to work beneath a deck or to remove the deck from the vehicle to adjust the height. This innovative system reduces the risk of injury whilst streamlining road freight and materials handling tasks.

Described as an ‘absolutely essential consideration when investing in modern commercial road transport equipment’, this new system is an exciting addition to the Vawdrey portfolio. The Vawdrey Auto Lock and Load Deck System will be on display at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show. Be sure to head over to the Vawdrey stand and check it out for yourself!

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