18-21 May 2023 Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

What it takes to pull together the industry’s biggest event

Published: February 24, 2021

Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) members and other exhibitors from across the industry are madly getting ready for the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show.

The award winning biennial show is the biggest automotive event in the Southern Hemisphere, and is the only event that takes over the entire Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

This show now extends well beyond the walls of the convention centre, with the South Bank Truck Festival taking over much of the adjacent Parklands, plus offsite locations for many other events and activations that collectively come under the umbrella of Australian Heavy Vehicle Industry Week.

That includes displays throughout the CBD and the new Civil Construction Field Days heavy equipment and machinery show.

Did you know

Here are a few interesting statistics about the show’s footprint and the complexity of the bump-in and bump-out.

  • Detailed and precise scheduling (by the hour) for bump-in/out of 35,000sqm of exhibit space
  • 300 displays from 9sqm-1535sqm require careful assessment of designs considering rigging, weight-loadings, heights restrictions, line of sight, complexity of bump-in and other factors
  • BTS consists of multiple significant events all captured within the show: conferences, competitions, seminars, jobs hub, technology & innovation centre, future fuels hub, dinners, product launches, media events, charity etc
  • The show is staged and project managed by just two permanent event staff from a permanent staff of ten and two temporary staff
  • Operational stakeholder meetings were held fortnightly for twelve months preceding the show covering every aspect of logistics, WHS, traffic and risk managers and managers from relevant venue departments
  • Of course this event has a whole new area to be managed to ensure it is COVID safe. And thanks to the support of the Queensland Government and the brilliant COVID Shield strategy managed by the BCEC, our visitors, exhibitors, staff and contractors are all assured of a safe, healthy and enjoyable experience – subject of course to a little cooperation and common sense
  • Over 1,100 vehicles scheduled to enter the loading docks
  • Over 1/3rd of trucks carrying freight are semitrailers requiring average 60–120 minutes to unload & reload
  • Large stands require up to 5 trailers
  • Agility Logistics manage freight forwarding, dock marshal, road-runners & 10 Site Managers are contracted from 3 different states for 1300 hours (day & night)
  • Equipment onsite includes average
    • 45 forklifts
    • 12 elevated work platforms
    • 6 boom lifts
  • 1.5 km of rigging hung from the roof
  • 1,000 metres of truck staging on outside roads controlled by Traffic Marshals & Special Police
  • 16 full trailers of offsite storage
  • Brisbane Marketing report over 120,000 room nights being generated by the show
  • Over $72 million economic impact is attributable to the show and a further $20 million to associated events.
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