It's Live in Queensland

Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 May 2021
South Bank Parklands

Introducing the new Crane Counterweight & Accessory SKEL Trailer Combination. This smart multi-functional lightweight trailer suits all model crane types through a unique multi-position cradle system.

O’Phee designed this trailer to eliminate the need for a different set of trailers for each crane type.  Its unique adjustable multi-position cradle system has the ability to swap and change any accessory to fit any position whilst maximizing axle group loadings.

It also features the specially designed ground-level Load Restraint System, where loads are self-restrained all from the ground, eliminating working at heights.

O’Phee is part of The Drake Group; an Australian manufacturer promoting economic growth through innovation, local job creation and skills training to ensure product quality, keeping jobs in Australia.

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