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Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 May 2021
South Bank Parklands

Model: Hyundai Xcient
Manufacturer/distributor: East Coast Hyundai Trucks

Meet the Xcient. Designed to be the ideal transport solution for container & metro work.

This Xcient sets the bar high for comfort and smart driving from the moment you step into the cab. It’s designed to have lower running costs with enhanced fuel efficiency and durability than its competitors.

Power is supplied by a fuel efficient 12.7L engine and a 12-Speed ZF new generation gearbox with 4-speed retarder. Safety features include hill start assist, E-Roll, ABS, and Anti-Slip Regulator.

East Coast Hyundai Trucks are based in Acacia Ridge, they provide the local community with jobs in mechanical, paint, panel & steel fabrication services, and local job opportunities through apprenticeships & traineeships.

Hyundai Motor Company have been building trucks and buses since 1967 and today export trucks and buses to more than 100 countries worldwide.

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