It's Live in Queensland

Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 May 2021
South Bank Parklands

Behind trucking since 1946.

Celebrating 75 years in 2021, Freighter manufactures trailers and dollies that are focused on maximising productivity, reducing WHS, and assisting in lowering driver fatigue.

This dolly is designed for a PBS A-Double/Road Train combination. PBS (Performance Based Standards) are new design standards that allow truck and trailer combinations to safely carry larger than normal payloads and improve road transport efficiency.

PBS vehicles are tested against 16 stringent safety standards and 4 infrastructure standards to ensure they fit the existing road network and are safe.

Freighter is a part of MaxiTRANS who employ more than 900 people across Australia and New Zealand, with manufacturing plants in Victoria and Queensland.

They are an active part of community groups, charities, and industry association drivers such as bushfire and drought relief, and are a strong supporter of the R U OK? organisation.

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