Thursday 18 – Sunday 21 May 2023 - Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Parts & Accessories On Show

They mightn’t be as sexy as the big, shiny trucks and trailers that occupy the main halls, but parts and accessories exhibits will dominate this year’s Brisbane Truck Show

In excess of 200 parts and accessories suppliers will showcase their wares at the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest trucking and transport equipment expo, making them the single largest category at the event.

Spread across all three levels of the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, the displays will range from drivelines, axles, brakes, suspensions, and couplings; to lighting and electrics; and to other transport equipment including tools, hydraulics systems, air-conditioning, seating, hoists, fridges, steering systems, clutches, bull bars, filters, batteries, mudguards and high-pressure cleaners.

Check out below a few of the key parts and accessories exhibitors set to display their innovative products at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show from May 18-21.


Hydreco Hydraulics

The company is expected to display its innovative hose burst valve design that enables faster lowering speeds and quicker turnarounds for tipper trucks.

Worker safety is paramount today and under VSB6 it is a requirement to have a hose burst valve installed and operational on a tipping hoist to prevent the tipper body lowering in the event of a hose rupture.

However, hose burst valves slow the lowering speed of the body and limit operators’ ability to achieve quicker turnarounds between loads.


Hydreco Hydraulics’ new VA40 hose burst valve improves safety, performance and environmental impact

In response, Hydreco Hydraulics has developed the new VA40 hose burst valve which has a number of unique design elements that offer improved safety, performance and environmental impact. 

The patented device uses an adjustable flow-dependent check valve (also known as a velocity fuse) that is “de-sensitised” by use of a solenoid valve with a separate tank line. They work in unison to provide reliable hose burst protection. 

The flow-dependent check valve is adjustable to suit individual hoist requirements. This design is also more tolerant to oil contamination, meaning it will work when needed in a hose burst condition.


Hydreco Hydraulic’s flow-dependent check valve is adjustable to suit individual hoist requirements

For controlled safe lowering in a hose burst condition a solenoid operated cartridge valve is used to channel the oil from the hoist to tank via an auxiliary tank line, ensuring oil is not spilt.

For ultimate protection, a low-flow bleed screw is provided on the valve body for field emergency safe lowering when power is not available to operate the solenoid.

In a normal lowering operation both the flow-dependent check valve (with extremely low pressure drop) and the solenoid valve (up to 50 L/min additional flow) are operational. This provides faster flow rates on lowering than all other designs.

Location: Stand 165, Mezzanine


Airtec Corporation

The company plans to showcase its latest range of mass management products and services at the upcoming show.

Airtec prides itself on delivering quality products and solutions to customers that evolve with the transport industry’s growing demands.

Just shy of 30 years in business and 25 of those operating in Australia, mass management has been a strong focus and leading product line for Airtec.

As technology has advanced, the company saw a need to continue to adapt and develop its product offerings.


Airtec Corporation’s AXM truck scale range delivers a wireless option with Bluetooth compatibility

Mass management began with its AXL200 manual gauge. With a stainless steel case and digital face, the design was well received by customers, providing reliable and accurate axle weight readings.

From there, its product evolved to a more tailored and advanced solution. The AXM truck scale range delivers a wireless option with Bluetooth compatibility. Customers can build their own combination, adding on scales to trailers for a streamlined solution.

The units can also pair with smart devices through Airtec’s TruckOBM app. Over the past three years the company has also gained approval to deliver a compliant SmartOBM system.

So where to now? Airtec continues to develop its product range and services to deliver quality solutions to customers.

Location: Stand 180, Mezzanine



Developed in Australia, Knorr-Bremse’s award-winning iMass smart on-board mass system is expected to be on show at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show.

Based in Munich, Germany, the company is the world’s leading manufacturer of braking and control systems, under the Knorr-Bremse and Bendix brands, ranging from air supply and treatment systems via brake and chassis control systems to wheel brakes.

In February 2022, it received Transport Certification Australia (TCA) approval for its Smart on-board mass (OBM) system, which uses digital technology to collect and transmit mass data from vehicles in a reliable and standardised way.


iMass comprises driver interface unit, electronic control unit, pressure sensor and level sensor on the truck

Shortly thereafter in September, the iMass product won a prestigious award for ‘Application of Technology’ at the Australian Freight Industry Awards which was held at Crown in Melbourne.

Developed in Australia, Knorr-Bremse’s iMass system utilises a trailer electronic braking system (TEBS) to measure pressure in the air suspension of the vehicle and relate this to a vehicle mass estimation.

This system comprises a driver interface unit (DIU), an electronic control unit (ECU), a pressure sensor and deflection or level sensor installed on the truck, while on the trailer it utilises the Knorr-Bremse G2.2 TEBS, coupled with Knorr-Bremse iLevel suspension control plus iLevel sensor.


Driver interface unit is connected to CAN bus to obtain truck data and uses CAN reader for trailer data

The electronic levelling control on the truck and the TEBS on the trailer receive electronic signals from the pressure sensor which is interpreted as a mass value. These mass values are transmitted via the CAN signal for the trailer or the CAN bus for the truck.

The driver interface unit is connected to the CAN bus to obtain the truck data and uses a CAN reader to obtain the trailer data.

All relevant information is then conveniently displayed on a hardwired colour screen that shows the mass across each axle. The information is made available to an in-vehicle/telematics unit.

Currently compliant with Kenworth, Volvo and Mercedes Benz 6×4 models, the hard-wired iMass system is rated for up to seven trailers.

Location: Stand 76, Great Hall


Maha Australia

Maha Australia has a long history of outstanding customer service, holding ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification now for many years.

The supplier of premium German workshop lifting and testing equipment says its success in Australia and New Zealand rests on employees’ shoulders, with the team put together over the past 12 years “extremely experienced and truly make our business great”.


Maha Australia is a supplier of premium German workshop lifting and testing equipment

Maha’s strong historical relationship with both transport, government inspection-based and private customers is due to the unique fact that its after-sales support is “second to none”, it adds.

With an extensive range of Maha products and spare parts in stock, Maha Australia can also supply all requirements for maintenance and installations of Maha products.

Location: Stand 111, Hall 2


Electro Technical Applications

The ideal solution for manufacturers who need to handle an ever-growing number of loads, E-T-A’s SCS200 intelligent power distribution board will be on display at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show.

E-T-A’s SCS200 board with CAN connection and integral load current and voltage measurement is the ideal solution for vehicle and machine manufacturers who design innovative products and need to handle an ever-growing number of loads.


E-T-A’s SCS200 intelligent power distribution board can handle an ever-growing number of loads

It allows decentralised control and monitoring of loads via the CAN bus. Unlike conventional competitive power distribution systems, the SCS200 allows realisation of predictive maintenance and load management to save energy. In addition, the CAN bus connection helps significantly reduce wiring time.

The design features a PCB-based power distribution in a compact IP67 enclosure.

The SCS200 modules are plug-and-play solutions. Diagnostic capabilities (load current, voltage, load protection, status) and integral CAN connection ensure reliability and connectivity at the same time.

The SCS200 is designed for the use in construction machinery, agricultural machinery and special vehicles.

Location: Stand 281, Plaza Level


ZF Services

A reputable and reliable provider to the automotive industry through the entire life cycle of its products, ZF has more than 100 years of experience, innovation, manufacturing excellence and customer satisfaction.

In early 2022, ZF launched its new Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) division, which combines its expertise in the commercial vehicle industry to significantly advance solutions for safe, sustainable and digitised transport.

The new CVS division united ZF’s former Commercial Vehicle Technology and Commercial Vehicle Control Systems divisions, the latter of which was formed from ZF’s 2020 acquisition of WABCO.

As a result, ZF is now one of the world’s largest component and system suppliers for the commercial vehicle industry, and thanks to its broad technological positioning and global market presence, ZF can now offer its customers the key solutions they need to transform their product portfolio from a single source.

ZF Services Brisbane Truck Show 2023


ZF is now one of the world’s largest component and system suppliers for the commercial vehicle industry

ZF manufactures some of the most technologically advanced commercial vehicle original equipment in the world, including TraXon, the very first modular transmission.

Light, strong and intelligent, TraXon mates a basic high-tech automatic transmission with various setting-off and shift modules, which sees it increasingly selected by commercial vehicle manufacturers.

ZF is also a global leader in the e-mobility space, with its years of research and development placing it ahead of the competition.

This expertise has seen ZF find favour with manufacturers in Oceania and the world over as a preferred systems supplier for electric driveline products, with an emphasis on safety, efficiency and extended service life.

Commercial EV systems in development or available from ZF include electric drive motors, electronic control units (ECU), electrically assisted steering, lightweight rear axle suspension assemblies, energy management systems, and power electronics.

zf brisbane truck show


ZF makes among the most technologically advanced equipment, including modular transmission TraXon

ZF’s aftermarket portfolio is also class-leading with its premium brands LEMFÖRDER chassis and steering equipment, SACHS shock absorbers and clutches, TRW braking components, as well as WABCO‘s trusted systems for safety and efficiency.

Remanufacturing is another core competency of ZF’s, with a range of remanufactured truck transmissions available locally, all finished to ‘as new’ original equipment standards.

These ‘reborn’ components, transmissions as well as axles and clutches, are restored using the same manufacturing production processes utilised in their original manufacture.

Well-positioned to capitalise on future demand for autonomous, efficient and connected commercial vehicles, ZF creates long-term value and security for its customers.

Location: Stand 85, Hall 2



The intense competition in the truck and trailer parts aftermarket has made it even more important to choose genuine parts and components from trusted retailers like PACCAR Parts and TRP stores.

According to the latest ARTSA data on truck registrations, as of 2021 Australia had more than 190,000 heavy-duty trucks registered and on the road. The sector grew 17 per cent from 2015 to 2020 and with current trends on truck sales, it’s showing no signs of slowing.

And if that’s the stats on trucks, it is easy to imagine the follow-on effect this has on the growing demand for truck and trailer-related parts and accessories.

Wanting to get a piece of the pie, online retailers from around the world are offering generic parts at bargain prices, preying on cost-conscious operators working in a low-profit margin industry.

According to Trevor Dickson, PACCAR Parts Technical Sales Manager, the problem with the increasing competition is that the truck and trailer aftermarket is saturated with both original equipment (OE) and generic aftermarket products.


TRP Somerton Branch Interim General Manager John Everett – one of 46 PACCAR Parts and 11 TRP dealers

Due to challenges created by the complexity in enforcement of component parts standards in Australia, retailers can sell parts that have not been tested or, if they have been tested, may not meet specific application requirements as a way to cut prices.

“If you use genuine or known-quality brands then you can have peace of mind when it comes to quality and performance,” he says.

However, there is another way you can purchase competitively priced aftermarket parts with a proven quality guarantee. The team at PACCAR Parts has also developed the TRP range of truck and trailer components.

“We developed the TRP range to be able to put a brand out there that’s backed by a major OEM, PACCAR. We have the testing resources, and we use them,” Dickson says.

In terms of testing TRP products, Dickson says PACCAR will first look for an Australian Design Rule (ADR) to meet the standards, however, a lot of them refer to international standards.

“Where ADR standards exist, then we test to those standards,” he explains. “Otherwise, we use independent US FMVSS and European ECE testing, depending on the component.”


PACCAR Parts has developed the competitively priced TRP range of truck and trailer components

The “Australian-first” method also applies to parts sourcing, Dickson adds, pointing to the Australian-manufactured spring suspension equaliser pins in the TRP range as an example.

“When we do source overseas, PACCAR has either offices there or supply quality managers that visit the parts facilities on a regular basis to ensure that they are being manufactured as promised,” he adds.

As such, the company is so confident in the quality of the components in the TRP range that each product boasts a minimum 12-month warranty.

“If a TRP part fails from a manufacturing fault, as long as there is no clear evidence of part abuse and installation was performed correctly by a qualified technician, then we’ll honour the warranty straight away,” he says.

“You can go to any PACCAR Parts dealership or TRP store and get a new part over the counter.”

PACCAR’s 46 PACCAR Parts and 11 TRP dealers are located across Australia and offer a comprehensive range of genuine and TRP parts side by side.

Location: Stand 40, Hall 4



Building on the success of its revolutionary brake shoes, Tru-Shu is set to reveal a new range of premium trailer axles and suspensions at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show.

Tru-Shu will also showcase its shoes for P-Plus and GP brakes as well as a new range of brake drums at the event.

Developed out of frustration by specialised freight carrier ASET Services, Tru-Shu eliminate the need to buy new brake shoes prematurely by stopping the expansion and warping of the brakes.

Made from Australian steel and premium linings manufactured in SA, the shoes boast an easy-fit design, with an access hole through the lining and shoe to allow quick and easy installation or removal of the return spring with a simple tool.

To provide its shoes in the most cost-effective way, Tru-Shu uses a change-over system with a deposit returned for cores.


Tru-Shu eliminate the need to buy new brake shoes prematurely by stopping expansion/warping of brakes

The SA-based company is now turning its attention to solving another problem in trailers: premature axle and suspension failures.

The company’s premium axles feature oil-filled hubs with two American drive wheel seals per hub and a 30mm wide axle nut that clamps to the axle.

The hub cap has well-protected oil sight glass and is shaped to line up the wheel when changing tyres.

Importantly, the stub has a hole in the end to put the bolt though to stop losing the wheel end in case of bearing failure; and the anchor pins are clamped, removing the need for bushings.

Running P-Plus brakes, the axles enable two brake return springs to be fitted for severe applications.

What’s more, holes have been drilled through the shoe for tool access to set return springs with more tension. Fitting springs though these holes enables brakes to be assembled without removing the hub.


Tru-Shu is turning its attention to solving another problem in trailers: premature axle/suspension failures

The axle’s S-cam tubes are double bushed and double sealed, with the tubes clamped into place with rubber bushing to dampen jarring caused by loose wheel bearings and rough roads. This bolt-on method allows fitting of the S-cam and tube without removing the hub.

Additionally, the S-cam tubes have grease nipples that blow off at set pressure to prevent over-greasing.

Tru-Shu’s new premium suspension incorporates four parabolic springs per axle which gives four bushes per axle compared to the standard two, making for a more stable trailer.

All springs and saddles are u-bolted to the axle and require no welding or fabrication to fit.

The suspension system incorporates two large air bags per axle. The large footprint of the airbag means it can run at low pressure for a softer ride.

Shock absorber mounts are easy to replace if needed. Tru-Shu’s brake drums feature clearance holes in the wear surface and large holes on the flange side and no backing plates to allow air flow.

Location: Stand 200, Mezzanine



Every day Australian drivers take a beating. This past year has been one of the worst. Horrific conditions have pounded the entire transport industry, impacting the health of tyres, vehicles and drivers.

Central tyre inflation (CTI) systems let drivers match tyre pressures to vehicle loads.

Being able to soften the ride at the right times takes the sting out of harsh road conditions that hammer away at the integrity of every truck.

AIR CTI protects and extends the life of your biggest assets, making tyres last longer, vehicles last longer and improving driver safety. This impacts the cost of keeping a truck on the road.

air cti brisbane truck show


AIR CTI protects and extends the life of your biggest assets, making tyres and vehicles last longer

Family-owned AIR CTI makes the world’s best CTI system, designed and built right here in Australia. AIR CTI uses the toughest fittings and components installed to high standards. Operator controls are friendly and intuitive.

Find an AIR CTI driver and ask them about their experience. They will tell you how fast it paid for itself and they would never again want to drive a truck without it.

AIR CTI is one of the few accessories that works for you all the time. Call the company headquarters in Morwell, Victoria to find out more – or visit the team at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show.

Location: Stand 25, Concourse

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