Thursday 18 – Sunday 21 May 2023 - Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

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Eligibility Criteria

To ensure your eligibility to exhibit, carefully read the criteria and space allocation guideline detailed below.

1.1. Exhibitors must be a manufacturer or distributor/supplier of NEW vehicles, components, equipment, and technology (this includes workshop equipment)
1.2. Exhibitors must otherwise be companies that provide services and/or products directly relevant to the transport industry (e.g., superannuation, insurance, fuel, fleet telematics, training)
1.3. Exhibitors can only apply for one (1) exhibit location per Legal Entity Name within Halls 1-4 and the Great Hall
1.3.1. Companies may apply to obtain space/exhibit stands on other levels and locations of the show.

1.4. Exhibitors whose primary display products are mining machinery, cranes, agricultural, materials handling equipment (forklifts)
1.4.1. Cranes can be showcased on other exhibitor’s stands but must be mounted on a truck or trailer
1.5. Superseded vehicle models, outdated technology or vehicles imported under the specialist and enthusiast vehicle scheme
1.6. Vehicles not greater than 3.5 tonne GVM or ATM. Any exceptions must have the organiser’s prior approval.
1.7. Product brands not supported by the official Owner or Distributor in Australia
1.8. Products or services which could facilitate or result in a vehicle being non-compliant with Australian Design Rules (ADR’s) or any other Australian standard or regulation that applies in Australia
1.9. Services only available in a fixed location. NB: HVIA may accept a national network
1.10. International companies that do not have a formal presence in Australia. (Must have a minimum of a registered Australian Business Number (ABN) to be eligible to exhibit)
1.11. Accessory products that are deemed unnecessary or gimmicks
1.12. In-service vehicles, trailers and service bodies used specifically to display product
1.13. Second-hand vehicles or product. Any exceptions, i.e., testimonial purpose, must have the organiser’s prior approval
1.14. Previous show exhibitors that were in breach of the show conditions set out in the Contract Conditions, Rules and Regulations and Exhibitor Guide.

HVIA has reviewed the floor plan on all three levels of the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre and in particular the ground floor in the main halls. This has been done to optimise the space available and to accommodate heavy vehicle and component manufacturers and suppliers whose products require the floor loading and accessibility that the main halls offer. This may result in some exhibitors displaying product which does not require the floor loading, being relocated to other areas or levels of the show venue and/or having their previously allocated space reduced in size.

HVIA financial members are the only eligible exhibitors to apply for Space Only site locations within the show.

Priority will be given to:
2.1. HVIA members
2.2. Truck and trailer/body manufacturers and suppliers
2.3. Large and/or heavy component and equipment manufacturers and suppliers
2.4. OEM companies which supply to truck manufacturers.

Exhibitors that meet the criteria to enter the show may be allocated exhibit space based on the following criteria, with priority given to HVIA members, long term Brisbane Truck Show exhibitors and significant industry companies in the following order:

2.5. Long term exhibitors (>5shows) who are also long term HVIA members (>10 years)
2.6. Long term exhibitors (>5 shows) who are recent members
2.7. Recent exhibitors who are long term HVIA members
2.8. Recent exhibitors who are recent HVIA members
2.9. New enquiries who are HVIA members
2.10. Long term exhibitors (> 5 shows) who are non HVIA members.
2.11. Recent exhibitors who are non-HVIA members
2.12. New inquiries who are non-members.

Note: All exhibitors wishing to book Space Only at the show are required to be a current financial HVIA member.

Notwithstanding the criteria above, HVIA at its absolute discretion reserves the right to make any changes, for the betterment of the show, to the floor plan, site sizes, locations or accept or reject any application without providing further explanation.

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