Thursday 18 – Sunday 21 May 2023 - Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Technology On Show

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A record 41 truck telematics companies will be displaying their latest wares at this year’s show – highlighting the increasingly important role smart tech is playing in the industry

They range from telematics providers Teletrac Navman, Geotab and Orbcomm, to EWD pioneer LogChecker, to smart OBM suppliers Knorr-Bremse and Loadman, to driver safety monitoring systems purveyors Optix and Mobileye.


Technology On Show: Knorr-Bremse

Knorr-Bremse is the world’s leading manufacturer of braking and control systems. In 2022, it received TCA approval for its Smart on-board mass (OBM) system, which uses digital technology to collect and transmit mass data from vehicles in a reliable and standardised way.

The iMass product won a prestigious award for ‘Application of Technology’ at the Australian Freight Industry Awards held at Crown in Melbourne.

Electronic signals from truck and trailer are interpreted as a mass value on iMass’s driver interface unit

Developed in Australia, iMass uses a trailer electronic braking system (TEBS) to measure pressure in the air suspension of the vehicle and relate this to a vehicle mass estimation.

The electronic levelling control on the truck and the TEBS on the trailer receive electronic signals from the pressure sensor which is interpreted as a mass value on the driver interface unit.

Currently compliant with Kenworth, Volvo and Mercedes Benz 6×4 models, the hard-wired iMass system is rated for up to seven trailers.

Location: Stand 76, Great Hall


Technology On Show: Teletrac Navman

Since unveiling its electronic work diary solution prior to the 2021 event, Teletrac Navman has unveiled a series of enhancements to its suite of products and solutions.

In February, it released the TCA-approved VT102 device, which collects key metrics such as trip distance, vehicle engine data, and safety data for use in regulatory programs.

It also unveiled its Smart Dashcam, which uses forward and driver-facing cameras, telematics data and advanced onboard sensors to monitor driver performance against key safety and performance metrics, with the results leveraged to identify areas in need of improvement.

Teletrac Navman has unveiled enhancements to its products, including Smart Dashcam camera system

Teletrac Navman’s NHVR-approved EWD provides an electronic alternative to written work diaries, and delivers operators a real-time dashboard of fatigue information and driver hour status.

When paired with its core AI-powered TN360 software, the solutions enable transport operators to ensure drivers and vehicles are operating safely and more efficiently through high-definition GPS tracking, real-time vehicle updates, and customisable data and analytics.

TN360 also provides transport operators job dispatch and work execution via the Smartjobs feature which leverages Teletrac Navman in-cab and mobile devices and supports popular TMS platforms such as TMW, SAP, Oracle and others.

Location: Stand 104, Hall 4


Technology On Show: Right Weigh

Smart Truck Solution‘s Right Weigh products include exterior mechanical load scales that can be mounted to trailers or trucks; an interior mechanical display designed to easily mount onto the truck dash panel to monitor air suspension; an exterior digital display to easily check a vehicle’s on-the-ground weight; and an interior digital load scale that monitors up to four separate axle groups.

Products include exterior digital display to check on-ground weight and interior digital load scale for axle

In March 2022, Right Weigh obtained TCA approval for a Smart OBM, which uses digital technology to collect and transmit mass data from vehicles in a reliable and standardised way.

The solution includes a new app that allows drivers to easily view and record real-time gross, axle, and tared weights from within the cab. It also enables operators to view mass data live or historically on the tracking dashboard and create mass trip reports for compliance.

Location: Stand 258, Plaza


Technology On Show: Geotab

Geotab’s cloud-based fleet management software, MyGeotab, offers data analytics, reporting and live dashboards to help operators make reliable data-driven decisions for their organisation.

Its software enables operators to locate vehicles in near real-time, analyse trip history and with active tracking capabilities, route drivers around obstacles or send drivers planned routes to maximise their efficiency on the road.

Users can also manage fuel consumption and driver hours or generate notifications as drivers enter customised geofencing zones.

With audible in-vehicle feedback and behaviour reporting back at base, operators can use the fleet management system to intervene before risky behaviour becomes a bigger safety issue.

Geotab also enables operators to collect diagnostic data through its fleet vehicle management software – including engine RPM, seat belt use, odometer, emissions, battery voltage – to manage maintenance and take preventative measures before assets are off the road and costing money.

Location: Stand 346, Plaza


Technology On Show: FleetSafe/Mobileye

FleetSafe is the official distributor and national service provider of the Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System.

The Mobileye Collision Avoidance System is available with a single, forward-facing vision sensor, or in a multi-sensor solution designed specifically for large commercial vehicles with hazardous blind spots.

Mobileye 8 Connect gives the time to prevent or mitigate collisions by providing drivers with audio and visual warnings of potential hazards on the road.

Mobileye is available with single, forward-facing sensor, or multi-sensor solution designed for large vehicles

The Headway Monitoring & Warning (HMW) system monitors the distance from the vehicle ahead when that time is 2.5 seconds or less and issues an alert if the distance is below or equal to a pre-defined threshold.

The system also sends a visual and audio alert when there is a lane deviation without signalling; while the speed limit indicator scans for speed limit signs along the road and when a driver exceeds the speed limit, a visual indicator alerts them.

Mobileye 8 and Shield+ are now connected to the Cloud, delivering over-the-air (OTA) system updates.

Location: Stand 335, Plaza


Technology On Show: Optix

Optix’s DriveCam SF300 MV – winner of the 2001 HVIA Safety Innovation Award – utilises a combination of internal and external cameras featuring wide-angle dual lenses plus an integrated microphone to provide reliable event recording.

Built-in access to the mobile data network allows video events to be uploaded instantly while in-built machine vision and artificial intelligence allows operators to identify risk with greater fidelity than ever before.

DriveCam integrates with DriveAlert+, a driver fatigue monitoring system and early warning solution that actively tracks eyes, facial features and movement, using artificial intelligence, to detect fatigue and distracted driving behaviours.

The technology is trained to recognise high-risk patterns of driving behaviours using over 220 billion kms of verified examples of high-risk driving behaviours.

An auditory alarm and seat vibration attachment re-engage drivers detected for distraction or fatigue; while events are monitored by an international monitoring centre. Critical events are notified within 20 minutes of occurrence.

Location: Stand 322, Plaza


Technology On Show: was established in 2014 by Sam and Sara Orsborn to stream-line a laborious paper-based system, and in particular, lessen the hassle of manual invoicing.

It has since evolved into a comprehensive transport management system that allows operators to input job details into an app and automatically sort loads by vehicle, origins or destinations, making scheduling and allocation a breeze. has evolved from an automated invoice system into a transport management system

Customers can also submit a job request through the customer portal feature, which the scheduler can review, accept, or decline. Once a job is accepted it will appear in the scheduler’s day sheet, waiting to be assigned a driver and vehicle.

The integration with various accounting programmes enables operators to capture all the required job information to produce clear and meaningful invoices – with no manual.

The driver’s app is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and even works when out of network range, meaning job information is updated in real time – so there’s less chance of jobs being forgotten or paperwork going missing.

Location: Stand 232, Plaza


Technology On Show: LSM Technologies

LSM (Life-Saving Mitigation) Technologies has been established for 20+ years, providing specialised product technologies and engineering services that add value and deliver substantial savings and safer environments for its customers.

The company is primarily focused on designing, developing, and delivering Australian-made advanced SmartAI OH&S mitigation control solutions.

LSM Technologies mitigation controls include: RollStop park brake fail-safe and anti-rollaway; RadarSense radar proximity detection + AEB; and AccessID vehicle/machine controls anti-theft/authorised access.

They also include a range of vehicle and driver performance and fatigue monitoring solutions such as: CabSense driver and occupant fatigue/distraction/behavior monitoring; DriverView forward-facing dashcam
camera recording + ADAS; FSM fleet safety manager and tracking remote telematics; Sentinel vehicle safety system-central logics controller and in-cabin display; and TyreGuard tyre monitoring systems.

Location: Stand 184, Mezzanine


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